Artisan Insurance throughout the state of California

Protecting Skilled Workers in Fresno, CA

Artisan insurance protects the work of skilled crafts people, including carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and mechanics.  It is strictly liability insurance, which means that it covers work performed and products and/or services delivered.  Artisan insurance does not protect business assets like offices, supplies, or work vehicles; it covers what are either mistakes on the parts of contractors and/or members of crews of contractors or the costs of lawsuits that result from claims against contractors.  Artisan insurance protects your work as a skilled trades person and prevents you from having to pay large out-of-pocket costs in the events of claims.  

At CCIS Insurance Agency we have comprehensive artisan insurance program that provides the protection you need.  Our program is adaptable and affordable and will keep your business secure.   

Specialized Coverage for your Business

Artisan insurance is also known as ‘casual contractors insurance’ in part because it covers such a wide range of skilled service providers.  From interior decorators and piano tuners to exterminators and tree surgeons, artisan insurance applies.  The coverage needs of artisan insurance policyholders include equipment and tools, completed services and/or delivered products, and risks related to completed work.  Some of these needs are met by Business Owners Policies (BOPs) and/or Commercial Liability Insurance policies but the levels of coverage in these policies may be insufficient.  This is where artisan insurance comes in.

The primary coverage for artisan insurance is liability, and the level of coverage that is best for you can be determined with the help of an agent.  If you need additional protection you can, in most cases, add the following coverages:

  • Property
  • Owned, leased or rented tools and equipment
  • Materials and equipment to be installed
  • Property of others in your care, custody, or control

You can also add broadened endorsements, which include:

  • Automatic additional insured – contractors’ operations and permits for contractors (and other specific relationships)
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Property of others in your care, custody, or control
  • Voluntary property damage
  • Waiver of subrogation – automatic where required in a written contract

The broadness of BOPs and Commercial Liability Insurance policies inherently contributes to the exclusion of certain coverages, and these exclusions are reasons why artisan insurance is necessary.  In some states, contactors are considered ‘general’ no matter what type of work they do.  This is a good reason for specialty trade workers to purchase artisan insurance; it protects against damages that are not covered by broader insurance policies.  When choosing an artisan insurance policy, it’s important to work with a licensed insurance agent; he or she will ensure that you are totally protected and that your rates are optimal.  Contact an agent at CCIS Insurance Agency to learn more.

Why work with CCIS Insurance Agency?

We’ve insured trades people for years and we represent respected and competitive insurance companies that specialize in contractors insurance programs.  We’ll help you compare policies and rates to find the best solution.  We’ll also provide you with superior claims services and risk management, which will keep you costs down and ensure that claims do not result in undue losses. 

As an independent contractor you need support for your work and efforts, and at CCIS Insurance we’ll give you that support and we’ll advocate for you.  Please contact us or give us a call to learn more.  If you’re ready to start on a policy, request a quote.  

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